WV – Woyzeck Variation

Woyzeck is one of the most mysterious and shocking pieces of the European drama literature. It is a drama adapting a past tragedy: a barber in Leipzig, actuated by jealousy, killed his lover jabbing a dagger in her body seven times and therefore was executed in public in 1821. Using the articles of contemporary newspapers and the medical court records Georg Büchner wrote his drama in four different versions in 1837 but because of his death the following year the piece was left in fragments. The members of the Gurigongo Symposium and director Miklós Tóth decided to put these mosaics together composing their own Woyzeck. „Starting the work last summer and continuing with several workshops this year we have come to the scheme of our performance. During such a festival we are most happy to show what we have been doing so far. And then, we shall keep on working.”

The actors: Nóra Czuczor, Katalin Rakottyay, István Kovács, Róbert Laboda, László Miklós, Gábor Tóth.

Director: Nagy Miklós