Workshop with Tóth Viktor

The workshop, being the part of an international exchange programme, is aimed to bring closer young people from Slovakia and Hungary with the help of music. It is widely known that youngsters gather up around various music trends and music bands, that is why we would like to provide adequate background for those interested in performing or composing music. By giving them the opportunity to perform in front of an audience as well as offering them a workshop under the leadership of a talented and experienced musician we hope that we can help the dialogue between the participants of the workshop and the members of the audience, too. We see it as an important factor as the “cultural dialogue” between the Central-European countries does not always go as smoothly as it could. The objective of such workshops is to demolish the existing mental barriers by involving actively the generation we see as the most sensitive and receptive for such questions. The leader of this year’s workshop is Viktor Tóth, one of the best Hungarian saxophonists.