Tormis Quartet (EST)

Estonian composer Veljo Tormis (1930–2017) was one of the main choral composers of the 20th century in Europe. The great majority of his works are based on ancient Estonian folk songs. Singer Kadri Voorand and guitarist Jaak Sooäär have sung songs by him in choirs since early age and have always fanned his music. As a part of the celebration of the 85th birthday of Veljo Tormis, Jazzkaar festival proposed a concert consisting of his music in a jazzy context for which Voorand and Sooäär were joined by singer Liisi Koikson and guitarist Paul Daniel. As the debut went very well, the four musicians decided to continue as a group and have performed at all main folk and jazz festivals in Estonia and also in UK, Israel, Germany, Hungary and Finland. In spring of 2018 the quartet released their debut album “Tormisele/Hommage To Veljo Tormis” on German label Nordic Notes. The quartet also received the Estonian Folk Grammy as the best new group in 2016.

Kadri Voorand: voice
Liisi Koikson: voice
Jaak Sooäär: guitar
Paul Daniel: guitar