Sheep Got Waxed (Lithuania)

Sheep Got Waxed, even though being an active band for 12 years, still carries the NEW WEIRD as a synonym in its local scene, as well as abroad. Technically and compositionally, the trio’s music is intricate – guitar, saxophone and drum-set are accompanied by various effects and digital percussion. Yet, the ongoingly fresh combination of jazz, electronic and punk music is approachable for a curious ear. The band remains one of the biggest Lithuanian alternative music scene’s exports. The band bravely manifests musical extremes, plays with contrasts – pets and bites you, freezes and burns you, shampoos and waxes you. Albums have their narratives, hence the band is relevant to other art forms as well, SGW composes for theatre, silent cinema.

Simonas Šipavičius [simon sheep] – saxophone
Adas Gecevičius [ed getz] – drums
Paulius Vaškas [paul wax] – guitar