radio.string.quartet (AT)

Two violins, a viola, a cello and the human voice is all they need. radio.string.quartet describe their new work as some „CrossoverJazzClassicPopFusionRockNewMusicElectronic” thing. A rather intricate monstrosity of a word. For better understanding, they are also citing the names of artists who have inspired them in recent years: Nine Inch Nails, Franz Schubert, Feist, e.s.t., Arvo Pärt, Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endresen.

The band, with Bernie Mallinger, Ingmar Jenner (violin), Cynthia Liao (viola), and radio.string.quartet debutant Sophie Abraham (cello), set most personal stories to music. Mallinger, whose sons Toto and Pauli appear in two song titles, describes their art as screenplays, realized in musical images. In the words of radio.string.quartet: „We play the song of life, full of chaos, energy and beauty.”