Öcsi + Ko + Anti (SRB, HUN)

Ferenc Kovács – violin, trumpet, singer Was born in 1957 in Budapest. His father was a sculptor awarded with Munkácsy Prize and his mother was a painter. He was one of the founders of Budapest Ragtime Band and had been its member for 15 years. He has been working with Balogh Kálmán Gipsy Cymbal Band since 1994. From the international stage he has already been playing with Balanescu, Steve Hackett, David Murray or Hamid Drake. According to Archie Shep Kovács is „one of the best violinists of the world , who is playing the trumpet like Miles Davis.” From his solo works probably the most significant was released in 2001, the Magony CD. The Magony Orchestra, which was founded to perform Kovacs’s same titled solo album is a unique Hungarian music formation. Its compositions are inspired by the Hungarian folk music, by jazz as well as contemporary music. He was actively contributing to the Djabe Orchestra’s very first album in 1996, later was its member and solist from 2001 until 2016. Not only his authentic way of playing the violin but also his characteristic voice adds to the Djabe’s unique Hungarian sounding.

Zoltán Kovács – was born in 1973 in Eger, Hungary. Finished his primary and secondary education in Győr and graduated at the Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest in 1998. Besides classical composing and his piano lesson he has been engaging in jazz from the age of 13. Since 1997 he has been the member of Tea Band. He has been contributing to different jazz, pop and light music compositions, several TV and theatre productions (e.g. Friderikusz Show, Luxor Show, etc.). Between 2001 and 2016 he was the keyboardist of the Djabe Orchestra. During his solo pieces he often experimented with classical sounding, which gave the concert a unique colour. Steve Hackett, the Genesis’ guitarist, who played regularly with the Djabe, was fond of Zoltán Kovács’s playing. Besides his active life as a musician Kovács works also as a music educator in Győr.

Antal Brasnyó – viola player, folk musician. Was regularly playing at Félix Lajkó’s concerts, as well as Mihály Dresh’s bands. Nowadays, he has been working on his solo music career. Also known for making musical instruments.