Moment’s Notice Trio (HU)

Enjoy Hungarian contemporary music with the Gőz-Kurtág-Lukács Trio. The musical style of the trio is the outcome of the meeting of three distinct artistic identities, a complex experiment about the music of today that exists only at a given moment in a given place. John Cage held that contemporary music is the music being created in the very moment the audience is being exposed to it, music that lives its own present and ceases to be contemporary the next minute, in the very moment that is becomes the part of the past.

The three musicians, while distinct in their style and commitments, all rely on 21st century instances of jazz, European classical contemporary and electronic music, languages which they have mastered.

András Dés: percusion
Miklós Lukács: dulcimer
Laszlo Gőz: trombone, bass trumpet, sea shell