Milo Suchomel Quartet (SK)

The Milo Suchomel Quartet was formed in the years 2002 – 2003 and has successfully performed on European stages since then. Its line-up varies from time to time. At present its members are Milo Suchomel (tenor saxophone), Tomáš Gajlík (piano), Štefan Bartuš (bass) and Peter Solárik (drums).

Milo Suchomel is one of the most characteristic figures of the Slovak jazz life. His interest in jazz evolved during his studies at the Conservatory in Žilina (1989 – 1995). Later he also studied at the Bratislava State Conservatory and the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Suchomel has been the member of various bands: the Elle Quartet/Quintet (original member), Swinging Europe, Dodo Šošoka and his friends, Ľuboš Šrámek Artsamble, Matúš Jakabčic CZ – SK Big Band, Gustav Brom Big Band etc. He has also performed with notable jazz musicians in Slovakia and abroad: Juraj Bartoš, Dušan Húščava, Gabriel Jonáš, Peter Lipa, Ľuboš Tamaškovič or Gail Anderson, Robert Balzar, Joe LaBarbera, Jerry Bergonzi, Dennis de Blazio, Karin Edwards, Heinrich von Kalnein, Peter Mutsen, Adelhard Roldinger, Yvonna Sanchez, Melanie Bong, James Morrison, Kenny Werner, Nicole McLoude, Lazaro Cruz, Joan Faulkner, Ed Wighem – amongst many others.

Pianist, composer and producer Tomáš Gajlík grew up in a family of musicians in Piešťany. He studied jazz piano at the Univerzität für Kunst und Musik in Graz and has performed with many great musicians, such as Red Holloway, Harry Sokal, John Purcell, Laurie Antonioli, Marek Balata, Mathew Mitchell, Steve Wood, Howard Curtis, Michal Bugala, Dodo Šošoka and many others.

Štefan Bartuš was also born into a family of musicians. He studied at J. L. Bella Conservatory in Žilina and later at the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He has been the member of various bands, such as the Milo Suchomel Quartet, Matúš Jakabčic Big Band, Pavol Bodnár Interjazzional Band, etc. He has also performed with such musicians as Harry Sokal, Jeff Gardner, Howard Curtis, Danilo Memolli, Lee Andrews Davison, Janusz Muniak, Sandro Gibellini, Lýdia Muray, Karen Adwords, Juraj Bartoš, Ľuboš Šrámek and many others.

Peter Solárik studied drums and later pedagogy at the Conservatory in Žilina. He is the member of many front jazz bands, such as Nothing But Swing Trio, Klaudius Kováč Trio, Tomáš Gajlík Trio, Lucia Lužinská &All Time Jazz, The Triology, Michal Bugala Group, Štěpán Markovič Quintet, Soul for Seven etc. Peter Solárik has also performed with many notable musicians, such as Gabo Jonáš, Matúš Jakabčic, Juraj Bartoš or Scott Hamilton (USA), Harry Sokal, (AT), Janusz Muniak (PL), Piotr Baron (PL).