BERGLJOT (the former Vojtech Prochazka Trio) began in 2008 as a jazz piano trio consisting of three students at NMH, Oslo and inspired by Paul Bley, Herbie Nichols and Ornette Coleman. The core repertoire of originals and original arrangements of not-so-known songs was recorded on the band’s first CD Amoeba’s Dance… and received very good reviews. Instead of repeating the successful piano trio formula the band began searching for a more personal sound. Taking chances with more open improvisation, instrument preparations, no set-lists, and by 2010 the trio began playing completely improvised concerts of startling clarity, with a fresh and unique sound of prepared instruments, unorthodox playing techniques and found sounds. A recording from of one such concert from May 2011 will make for the band’s next CD “red red white red” to be released in early 2012. After a period of working with shorter, very varied improvised fragments of music has the band has started experimenting with a stricter, minimalist approach of very slow development with special focus on richness of sound. The band has received great reviews and has played on festivals such as Jazz Fest Brno, Natt Jazz Bergen and Jazzinec Trutnov as well as venues in France, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Norway and Czech Republic.