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Culture Center, Dunajská Streda 3–11. 05. 2008.

The music festival „Are you Free?” is a festival of particular genres. We are waiting for all the music lovers who were able to keep a kind of openness in their way of thinking and music taste, without taking the age into consideration. We would like to give publicity to improvisatory music genres, which help us to get rid of our ordinary music concepts and everyday ways of thinking. Thanks to improvisations you will be witnesses to creation of unique works of art. Moreover, besides the representatives of the best domestic and Central European jazz scene and other genres as well we could see and listen to world famous stars. The NA’CONXYPAN PT’s initiative is a unique struggle in the Slovak jazz scene, which hopefully gives a new impulse to Slovak jazz musicians, since avant-garde tendencies, like the free genre, are unfortunately pushed into the background. It must be borne in the mind that this will not have a positive effect only within this tendency, but the representatives of classical jazz scene can also learn a lot from it. The „Are you FREE?” project ensures more effective method of this studying, since those who are interested in can not only listen to the music but they can directly learn it from a famous contemporary musician within a workshop.

Festival's programme

Culture Center, Dunajská Streda 3–11. 05. 2008.

3. 05. Saturday

19.00 The Shades of Jazz on Noir (USA, GER, HU, Srb)
21.00 Dresch Quartet (HU)

4. 05. Sunday

19.00 Pulcinella (FR)
21.00 Borbély–Fonda–Bágyi (USA, HU)

9. 05. Friday

19.00 Radovan Tariška, Ondrej Krajňák (SK)
21.00 Pavel Fajt (CZ)

10. 05. Saturday

19.00 [in:formation] (SK)
20.30 Nu Folder (SK)
22.30 Trottel (HU)

11. 05. Sunday

19.00 Oleś & Oleś (PL)
21.00 Grencsó Biokollektíva (HU)